Advantage and Disadvantage of Living alone

2 min readMar 27, 2020


Living alone is the life style that person can live inside home without family. Living alone has an advantage and disadvantage as well.

One of the advantages regarding to living alone is taking full responsibility of your life and housekeeping too and take care of job or study more than of living with family and interruptions live.

To mention disadvantage of living alone is to minimize the social activities, talking to others and solving a problems from what family have and that cause to generate a bad feeling such as overthinking.

Both of living alone or with parents has positive and negative effects, and it depends of person case, some of people likes to live alone nearby job or university benefit and to focus more on their job and study as well. Not to mentioned that living with parents has benefits like take caring of person while he is in a sick mod or cooking males during the work time.

If a person live alone so he has to do all housekeeping and cooking foods without taking family helping.

Overthinking is to think deeply for basic behavior with people comes to your mind. This often comes to people who lived alone for a long time not to mention that less of speaking to people and exchange daily routine activities with family.

In my view I like to live alone if I have some big goal to achieve in a better way, living alone makes me focus more of study and working for a long hours without interrupting from parents. Also makes me own my all time and control it as I hope.

Abdulghani Alkhateeb